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All prices listed are per each item unless specified.

Baker’s Rack $50.00
Barbeque Set $7.00
Black Burners $40.00
Cambro Food Carrier $40.00
Cassette Burner $26.00
Charcoal Grill, 5′ Long $60.00
Commercial Oven $235.00
Convection Oven, Electric, Medium $55.00
Convection Oven, Electric, Large $100.00
Cooking Pots, 40 qt. $12.00
Extra Gallon Sterno $16.00
Garbage Can $9.00
Garbage Can Liners $1.00
Gas Grill, 3-1/2′ Long (Fuel charged separate) $90.00
Gas Grill, 5′ Long (Fuel charged separate) $150.00
Heat Lamp $30.00
Proofing Cabinet (additional charge for sheet pans) $75.00
Sheet Pan, 18″ x 26″ $4.00
Stove $100.00
Thermo Can with Spigot, 5 gallon $17.00
Thermo Can with Spigot, 10 gallon $21.00
3′ Griddle Top $50.00
Cutting Board $15.00
Large Propane Tank Currant Rate

Charcoal Grill, 5′ Long

Proofing cabinet

Proofing Cabinet